Hey! I am Rita, The creator of "Rita Strong Apparel" Two years ago, I invested in myself and a mentor. She asked me,  "What are the excuses that you have been telling yourself your entire life, and what have they cost you?"

That question changed the trajectory of my story.  I flipped the script on my life narrative and decided to live in my born and built strength.  I put my creativity to work and branded my hats, shirts, and social media STRONG.  I  crafted belief in my heart.  I learned to laugh, live and be free in my strength.  That is how "Rita Strong" was born.

The "Rita Strong" mission is to help build that belief in YOU, to live your life STRONG, OWN IT.  I want you to laugh, think, be supported, and be brave to be you.

When you have a choice to make, choose #STRONG. Live It. Wear It. Build It.